2018-2019 PTA/SLT Elections

The 2018-2019 PTA/SLT elections are approaching us. We are looking for volunteers to sit on the PTA Nominating Committee. We only need a total of 5 people.

***The only caveat to being on the nominating committee is that you can’t also have a desire to run for a board position.

The main functions of the nominating committee are:
  • Nominations are slated to open in  May, so we would need to create communications that reach all PTA members with announcements via backpack mailers, email and in person about timing of elections, what the board roles are, answering questions, etc.
  • Canvassing members to encourage participation
  • Helping to organize the candidates forum being held at the end of May – also the date that nominations close
  • Broadcasting who the candidates are and encouraging people to vote
  • Getting ballots ready if needed (only contested positions would need ballots)
  • Hosting Election Day and counting ballots (again only if there are contested positions) on June 13, 2018
Please consider helping as a member of the PTA Nominating Committee – would be greatly appreciated!


Please email Kara or Amber at nominations@ps133brooklyn.org for more information.