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2016 GOAL: $100,000 + 100% FAMILY PARTICIPATION!


The PTA will spend $300 per child this year to fund many of the enrichment programs PS 133 students receive. That’s why EVERY amount donated counts towards helping to give our students an inspiring, well-rounded education.


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The PTA will spend $300 per child this year to help fund many of the enrichment programs that help give our students an inspiring, well-rounded education, including:

See the complete list of programs we were able to support last year because of the generosity of parents like you!

studio_school_logoThe PTA pays for 100% of the Studio in a School program costs as well as the Studio Aide. Our growing school has 38 classes this year, so we are able to give all classes Grades K-5 at least one semester (half a year) in our dedicated Art Studio.

Our partnership with Studio is perfect for a growing school like PS 133 because a major focus of their program is teaching teachers how to incorporate art-making into their classrooms on a regular basis.  Having Studio at PS 133 solidifies our commitment to art and gives our students exposure to art, both in the studio and in their classrooms.

Our full-time Studio artist-in-residence for Studio in a School is Noel Copeland.

Studio instruction will begin in early October, and later this year, look for our Studio in a School Parent Workshop, where families can come to the studio to create art together.

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playworks-logoMaking Recess Fun, Energetic, Safe, Inclusive and Productive! The PTA covers the cost of the PlayWorks recess program, which includes a full-time coach.  This year’s coach – Coach Ty – not only leads during recess but also visits each classroom throughout the day to reinforce the value of fair play, compassion, and respect.

PlayWorks Philosophy:

  • On our playgrounds, kids become leaders. They run their own games and settle their disputes quickly (rock-paper-scissors is our problem solver) because getting along is more fun than fighting.
  • On our playgrounds, kids play hard, cheer loud and high five with joy. And they create and carry that feeling of peace and belonging with them into their classrooms, back to their neighborhoods, out into the world.

Where did the idea for Playworks come from and why is this program important to PS 133? Based on interviews with principals, PlayWorks Founder Jill Vialet learned that the most chaotic period of the school day – with kids getting hurt, getting into trouble and getting left out – was recess. She saw an opportunity to change recess into a positive and productive time for all kids.

Why it is important to our kids, our school, and our families? Many discipline-related problems can occur during lunch and recess if there is no organized program, and instead of going back to class energized and ready to learn, the kids return to class upset and unable to focus. With Playworks in place at PS 133, we, as a community, can ensure that every part of our kids day is positive and has an educational component.

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PS133 is excited to embark on our 4th year working with A Theatre for a New Audience.  A TFANA-trained teaching artist works in partnership with the classroom teachers and in tandem with ELA curriculum to lead dramatic writing, activities, and performance with our 4th and 5th-grade students. Students are introduced to and learn about plot, themes, language, and characters of a play. Our 4th graders participate in TFANA’s New Voices Project, which engages students in their own artistic process as they create and rehearse their own original play which is then performed by professional actors in a staged reading at PS133’s auditorium. In the World Theater Project, our 5th graders are introduced to classical texts (Shakespeare, Wilder, etc), see a play at TFANA’s Polonsky Shakespeare Center in Fort Greene and then write and act in their own interpretation of it.

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Creative Stages NYC logo

CREATIVE STAGES NYC brings their mission improve educational success by using theatre arts instruction as a method of personalizing and embodying educational content across the curriculum, to 3rd graders at PS133.

As part of this unique program, inspired by the famous Russian actor Michael Chekhov and developed over many years by Arts Education experts, all 3rd-grade students will study an international folktale, chosen by their teachers. All sessions will be led in the classroom by a team of professional actors and Teaching Artists. Early sessions of the drama program will focus on developing acting and performance vocabulary while introducing the folk tale. Students will work on the acting skills of gesture, pose, and emotional expression while being introduced to the literary idea of archetype characters. Midway through the residency, the students will direct their TA’s, along with another guest artist, in a scene from The Odyssey. This is an opportunity for them to apply their theater skills to the beginning, middle, and end of a rehearsal process. Then they will move into the rehearsal phase of the residency, with students collaborating to learn to move, speak, and make interpretive decisions about their character. The concept of “choral character teams” is used to build ensemble and teamwork; not one student plays a role, but many, in unison. The aim is that, through the use of character development, collaboration, and self-reflection, students will gain important social/emotional skills, and understand multiple perspectives, while learning a content that supports the 3rd-grade curriculum.

You are invited to see their performance on Friday, December 23rd.

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For the past 2 years, the PTA has funded additional staff in the cafeteria through PS133’s partnership with Kids Orbit.

The PTA hired three counselors (two staffers and one supervisor) from Kids Orbit, who support Playworks, the regular PS 133 lunch duty staff, and parent volunteers during lunch and recess. With Kids Orbit helping to make the critical transitions to and from the cafeteria and school yard go smoothly, kids have sufficient time to eat lunch. Kids Orbit also supports Playworks’ game time and conflict resolution tools, improving safety and making recess more fun!

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Teacher/Classroom Support

Last year the PTA provided the school with $4,000 earmarked to enhance classroom libraries, including dual language offerings. The PTA also provided a National Geographic Kids subscription to every student in 3rd – 5th grades. This year the PTA granted each teacher a $50 Staples gift card to cover additional supplies & to help them kick off the 2016-17 school year. We want to continue this support as well as offer specific grants to teachers through the PTA.

PTA Grants – Teachers can apply for small grants from the PTA, which can cover professional development, creative initiatives for their classroom, or basic support to encourage learning. Teachers can apply alone or in small groups, and projects may impact one or more classes.

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Library Open Hours

Due to the success of the 2015-16 Annual Appeal, the PTA is able to open the Library once a week starting October 5th, 2016. We are excited to distribute library cards, allow students to borrow books, use the computers and enjoy a safe place to study and read. Hours are Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m. All students in grades PK-4th must be accompanied by an adult. Grade 5 students are welcome to come independently.

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With fundraising and volunteer support in 2015-2016, we were able to:

  • Fund Studio In A School
  • Fund Theater For A New Audience
  • Provide Lunch/Recess Support (PlayWorks/Kids Orbit)
  • Award 19 Teacher Grants
  • Support Classroom Libraries
  • Provide National Geographic Subscriptions to every 3rd-5th grader
  • Host Grandparents Day
  • Assist with PK/K/5th Grade Moving Up Ceremonies and 5th Grade Prom
  • Host Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
  • Provide state-of-the-art lighting and sound upgrades to auditorium
  • Host Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Host Volunteer Appreciation
  • Provide 50 students playlab133 scholarships
  • Build out the Garden of Wonder
  • Keep 1,100 pounds of clothing and shoes out of landfills

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