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Cluster Enrichment

Creative Writing at PS 133

With my writing cluster classes, I work to introduce and reinforce grammatical and mechanical writing concepts that are not always present in the school’s daily language arts curriculum. With younger grades, I focus on capitalization, punctuation, and parts of speech. With the older grades, I focus on sentence structure, choosing appropriate voice, and properly formatting text. The students strengthen their skills in these areas through creative writing exercises, word games, and both short term and long term projects.

—Michael Steele

Drama at PS 133

Drama class will be a time for your child to use their imagination, tell stories, create characters, and flex their creative muscles. It is the goal of the PS 133 drama program to engage each child in the artistic process, allowing them to learn more about themselves and the world around them in a safe and encouraging environment.

Through theater education, students build the necessary life-skills I refer to as the Five C’s; creativity, communication, collaboration, confidence, and compassion. Students will develop community as they learn to work together as an ensemble, compassion as they portray diverse characters and confidence as they learn new skills to express their feelings and ideas.

I’ve created a blog for the drama classroom that will allow you to see what your child is learning!

Feel free to come say hello to me in the auditorium, or reach me via email.

Laurie Davis



My name is Ms. Enid Rodriguez and I am honored to be the Spanish Instructor at PS 133. Some of the children already take part in dual-language Spanish/French, and your children will also have the opportunity to learn a foreign language.

As the Spanish teacher, I expect the children to love learning a new language. There will be homework and quizzes in grades 1-5, to make sure they are grasping the language and culture information.

If you have ever visited one of the 21 countries that speak Spanish, please send in any information or artifacts with your child so they can share. I also encourage your visits to share any information about Spanish, read to the class, or make a simple Spanish recipe. I will make learning Spanish a lot of fun and exciting; using literacy, music, culture, videos, technology and some field trips.

If you have any questions or want to send me a note, please feel free to contact me:

Enid Rodriguez