PS 133 William A. Butler School   |    610 Baltic Street Brooklyn, NY 11217   |   p. (718) 398-5320    |   f. (718) 398-5325

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PS 133 William A. Butler School
Serving Grades: Pre-K–5
610 Baltic Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: 718-398-5320
Fax: 718-398-5325

Contact Information
Principal: Heather Foster-Mann
Assistant Principal: Deanne McGhie
Parent Coordinator: Ahmed Dickerson

PS 133 William A. Butler School encourages parents and members of the community to contact us and visit our school. Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.

If you’re planning a visit, please check in with our front office upon arrival. In the interest of student safety and security, we must know if you are planning to be on school property during school hours.

If you have any suggestions for the website, please email: