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Admissions FAQs

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You can accept your offer by pre-registering in person at the school where your student got a placement. Bring documentation of the student’s age and proof of residence when you go to pre-register.

You are automatically placed on the waitlist for all schools that you ranked higher than the school where your student got an offer. Schools manage their own waitlists and will contact you directly if they can offer your student placement.

If you have not applied, you can still submit a late application. Apply one of three ways:

Thank you for your interest in our French and Spanish Dual Language Programs. 

Due to the DOE’s mission to place more ELL (English Language Learners), they have changed the way families apply for Dual Language Programs throughout the city. Please read our detailed instructions (in italic) under Step 1.

Below is the process for the Dual Language Kindergarten Application:

    1. EARLY JANUARY – MID-FEBRUARY Register Your Child(ren) for Kindergarten:  Apply online, by telephone or in person. Read more here. Under the ‘School Choices’ section, select 13K133. After you’ve inserted and ranked all of your schools the next screen will ask you specific questions about the DLP: Are you an ELL? Are you eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch? Are you interested in a DLP program? What is your Native language?, etc. Previously you could list dual language programs as separate entries on your kindergarten application. This year you cannot.

    2. MID-JANUARY: PS133 to Schedule Appointments for Native Speaker Assessments: If you are a Francophone or Spanish speaker (Anglophone students should ignore this step), please sign up for an assessment appointment. After you sign up, someone from PS 133 will contact you based on the link to verify that your child does indeed need to take the assessment and confirm the appointment. It is helpful for us to have you apply early so there is ample time to schedule assessments, however, all applicants will have the opportunity to be assessed no matter when they apply within the application window.

      FRENCH Assessment – Please sign up here.

      SPANISH Assessment – Please sign up here.

    3. FEBRUARY: PS 133 to Conduct Assessment Testing: All students who confirmed and scheduled a testing time will be assessed by one of our Dual Language Teachers.

    4. EARLY APRIL: PS 133 to Issue Placement Letters: PS 133 will email or mail letters of acceptance to ALL students: Francophones, Spanish speakers, and Anglophones.

    5. LATE APRIL: Pre-register with PS 133 to secure your spot: Please accept or decline your placement in our Dual Language Program.

Please email our Parent Coordinator, Mr. Dickerson, with questions or you can address them to

How do I apply for the program?

As per NYCDOE kindergarten admission policy, the application period is from the beginning of January through Mid-February.

1. Fill out your DOE application
Online: Kindergarten Connect at
By Telephone: Kindergarten Connect Team at 718-935-2400

In Person: Visit an Enrollment Center in one of the 5 boroughs

Read more about the process from the DOE website here.

Families must rank their program choices on the application and indicate their child’s native language.  Only children whose native language is Spanish or French will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the assessment.

2. Schedule a Language Assessment for French and Spanish speakers. Children must be tested for language proficiency in order to be admitted – we will contact you and ask to assess your child(ren).  The test includes following instructions, answering basic questions and talking about a book.  It measures a child’s ability to understand French (or Spanish) and speak French (or Spanish).  The assessment is 10-15 minutes. Applicants who indicated French (or Spanish) as their native language will be contacted for an appointment.
Because our assessments are conducted by our regular Dual Language teachers, appointments will be scheduled after regular school hours beginning at 3:30 pm.

Your child enters the French DLP either as a Francophone (or Spanish speaker) or an Anglophone.  For the purpose of the program, Francophone (or Spanish speakers) students are students who have passed the proficiency test in French (or Spanish); their first language is considered to be French (or Spanish); their second language is considered to be English.  Similarly, Anglophone students are any students who were admitted through the random selection process. Their first language is considered to be English and their second language is considered to be French (or Spanish).

***A second assessment window will be opened after offer letters are sent from the DOE.  Only students who are offered a seat will be assessed during the second round of assessments.  Students who were assessed in the first round are not guaranteed admission into PS 133 or the DLP program. 

3. Complete the registration process
Families offered placement must visit the school by late April (specific date TBA)  to accept the offer. You must bring the child with you, as well as:

  • Proof of your child’s age (birth certificate or passport) Child must have been born in 2010 for kindergarten.

  • Proof of residence (two documents)


PS 133 is a non-zoned school.  We have seats for applicants from both District 13 and District 15.  Approximately one-third of available seats will be offered to residents of D13.  Approximately two-thirds will be offered to residents of D15.  For 35% of it seats, we will prioritize first English Language Learners, then students with free and reduced lunch.  For each district and the prioritized applicant groups, the following admission priority structure will be applied.  Out of district applicants who do not fall into groups 2 or 4 below will be offered seats only after all D13 and D15 applicants have been accommodated.  The Office of Student Enrollment will determine placement based on the following criteria:

  • In-district siblings

  • Out-of-district siblings

  • In district current Pre-K students

  • Out of district current Pre-K students

  • Other in district applicants

We will have Kindergarten seats available for both French and Spanish dual language programs.

  • Due to the immersion nature of our programs, Anglophones/English speaking children will only be admitted at the Kindergarten and first-grade levels.  However, we are currently not anticipating any vacancies for Anglophone/English speaking students in Grade 1.

  • Limited seats in Grade 1, 2, and 3 will be available for Francophone students who pass a grade level French proficiency test until all seats are filled.

  • Limited seats in Grade 1 and 2 will be available for Spanish native speaking students who pass a grade level Spanish proficiency test until all seats are filled.

Children learn from their teachers, but they also learn from other children.  Therefore, an effort is made to have 50% Francophone (French-speaking) students and 50% Anglophone (English-dominant students or speakers of other languages) students.

Requirements for Anglophone students:

  • Admissions according to DOE policy

  • Residents of District 13 or District 15

  • If space permits, then to students out of zone

  • Must select “13K133FR” as one of your program choices on the Kindergarten application

  • Must indicate your child’s native language

Requirements for Francophone and Spanish Speaking students:

  • Must complete application in the regular registration period (January-mid-February)

  • Must designate French (or Spanish) as Native language on the application

  • Must be assessed in French (or Spanish) – Applicants who indicated French as a native language will be contacted for an appointment

  • Admissions according to DOE policy

  • Priority is given to native speaking students residing in District 13 and 15

  • If space permits to students out of zone.

When will I be notified if my child got accepted into the program?
All families applying to kindergarten at PS 133 will receive a letter in early April notifying them whether or not their child has been accepted. In the offer letter, the program to which the student has been admitted will be indicated. Those who are not offered placement will be put on a waiting list.

How fast does the waiting list move?
Movement of the waiting list depends on whether or not parents accept or decline the seats.  Parents are notified in the order of the waiting list as quickly as we know availability.

If I opt out of the program at a later date, will my child be given a seat in the General/Mono-lingual kindergarten class?
If seats are available, your child can be offered a seat in the monolingual class.  However, once a DLP seat is declined, it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.  There is no guarantee of re-admittance into the program.

Please click here to read about the DLP Program Model.

Read in: Español