Please Join Us on Friday, June 1st…

Friday, June 1, 2018

1:30 pm in the Auditorium

We know what a special part grandparents and family friends can play in our students’ lives.  Children feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they know that people in their extended family and community are interested in their education. So, we’re having a special celebration! Grandparents & Special Friends Day recognizes the importance of our heritage, our community, and relationships across generations.

We’re inviting the grandparents of our students to the event on Friday, June 1st from 1:30-4pm, which will include a brief presentation to the auditorium, a visit to classrooms and refreshments in the “Garden of Wonder” afterschool.

RSVP HERE by May 25th

This event is intended for children and their grandparents or special “grandfriends”. Please note that due to space limitations, we are not able to accommodate parents and siblings in the classrooms for this event, but if you are available, sign up to volunteer and join us in the garden after school.

We understand that all children don’t have grandparents, and that some grandparents will be unable to attend. We encourage these children to bring another special adult – a family friend, other relative like an aunt or uncle, or a neighbor.  Some children may also be happy to share their grandparent/grandfriend with a classmate. If you have questions about who to invite, feel free to contact the event chair, Jennifer Skoda at    

If your child has a grandparent who cannot attend the event, please ask them to write a note to their grandchild and put it in a sealed envelope for the child to open and read on Grandparents & Special Friends Day. In this way, grandparents can still participate in the event with their grandchildren.

We need you to:

  1. Share the RSVP link with grandparent(s) or grandfriend you’re inviting. We MUST receive the RSVP no later than Friday, May 25th.
  2. If you want your child to leave the event with their grandparent(s) or grandfriend, please send a note to your child’s teacher before the event. We need signed parental permission to allow our students to leave the school with anyone other than their parents.

Please help avoid last minute confusion, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings by following these requests.

If you can help by donating refreshments or by acting as a volunteer during the event, please sign up. We love volunteers!    

Grandparents & Special Friends Day is a special day for both young and old. Thank you for your cooperation in making the event a success and a positive, memorable experience for your child!