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PS 133 PTA, Our Mission, Goals & Executive Board

PS 133 PTA, Our Mission, Goals & Executive Board

PTA of PS 133K

The PTA of PS 133K is a federally recognized 501(c) (3) non-profit whose primary aim is to serve the children, teachers, and parents of the PS 133 community. Our end-goal is to encourage and support the academic learning of all children who attend PS 133. We do this through a variety of ways by:

  • Providing community-based events that all members of the community can feel welcome to and can participate in;

  • Fundraising for programs that otherwise cannot be paid for through DOE funding such as art, theater, lunchroom and recess support, enhancing classroom libraries and so much more;

  • Providing support and information for parents;

  • Supporting teachers and administration in their relations with the parent community as well as through a robust teacher grant program that can enhance the classroom experience.

The PTA at PS 133K is also responsible for organizing volunteer opportunities at the school, running this Web site ( as well as runs the self-sustaining after school enrichment program, playlab133.

We welcome all members of our community to participate and get involved. Please visit our comprehensive lists of committees and volunteer opportunities, so you can find the opportunities that are right for you.

The PTA hosts a monthly general membership meeting typically on the third Wednesday of every month, but for the most accurate calendar of meetings, please visit our calendar page for exact date and time.

Should you wish to support our organization through a direct, tax-deductible donation, please click here.



PTA Executive Board


The PTA of PS 133K is led by the executive board which is made up of various officers.  Elections are held in June of each year and officer positions run from July 1 to June 30.  All parent members of the PTA are invited to run for any board position.  For a full description of officer duties, check out our bylaws.

CO-PTA Presidents

Jen Skoda

Co - President: Jen Skoda

Angela Pennyfeather

Co-President Angela Pennyfeather



Max Duykers
Treasure Max Duykers


Assistant Treasurer

Louis J. Vetter
Assistant Treasurer Louis J. Vetter


Co-Recording Secretaries

Margaret Pickron
Co-Secretary Margaret Pickron

Esra Dayani

Co-Secretary Esra Dayani


Co-Secretaries of Communications

Abby Cover Hume
Co-Communications Secretary Abby Cover Hume

Alexis Carroll

Co-Secretary of Communications Alexis Carroll


Co-VP’s of Development

Sherri Greenbach
Co-VP of Development Sherri Greenbach

Aida Bardales



Co-VP’s of Community Involvement

Tracy-Ann Vetter 
Co-VP of Community Tracy-Ann Vetter

Zach Martin
Co-VP of Community Zach Martin


VP of Extended Day

Johanna Salas

VP of Extended Day Johanna Salas

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Federal Tax Returns:

Approved Budgets: