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playlab133 Extended Day and Enrichment

playlab133 Extended Day and Enrichment

Important Dates

Jan. 9 – Scholarship Application closes, contact playlab@ps133brooklyn for further info

Jan. 12 – Registration OPENS 10:00am

Jan. 24 – Martial Arts Stepping Up Ceremony for Term 1 students 5:45-7:00pm

Jan. 27 – Registration CLOSES 10:00pm

Jan. 31 – Last Day of playlab133’s Term 1 and playlab133 Showcase 6:00-7:30pm

Feb. 3 – 1st Day of Term 2

Jun. 12 – Martial Arts Stepping Up Ceremony for Term 2

Jun. 19 – Showcase 6:00-7:30pm

Jun. 19 – Last day of Term 2

Registration Advise

  • Log into the Registration site beforehand to create or update your account and credit card information.
  • Decide in Advance: Make a list of your 1st class choices AND your back-up choices. You may get your first choice anyway.
  • Plan to enroll the moment registration opens, as many classes fill within minutes. Most families enroll within the first hour.

About playlab133

Run by the PTA, playlab133 offers PS133 families high-quality, after-school enrichment programming and extended daycare. playlab133 activates students’ sense of wonder and self-discovery while inspiring a love for learning. It’s a place to contribute to students’ academic and social success while exploring their passions and interests.

playlab133 gives back! Not only does playab133 provide students with amazing classes, it also generates funds for the PTA, all of which is then donated to the school to help fund programs including art, lunch and recess support, theater, teacher grants, classroom libraries and more.

Enrichment class offerings range from athletics, academics, arts, STEM and much more! We also offer playlab133 Care, which includes an opportunity to work on homework, play games, engage in activities and visit with school friends. There’s also our new Kinder Care, where Pre-K and Kindergarten students engage in arts & crafts, sing-a-longs, stories, games and much more with playlab133 staff.

Classes are primarily held onsite, with a few exceptions as noted on the schedule, and run in two time slots. playlab133 does NOT run when school is on break for holidays or on half days. Most enrichment classes are available for Pre-K to 5th grade and offered in groups by grade levels. Not all classes can be offered for each grade due to limited space or the nature of the classes.

Contact Information:

Director: Lauren Goodrich,, (917) 635-0534

Extended Day Co-VPs: Johanna Sales,

PTA Extended Day Committee Chairs:  Kimberly Gleason


Currently closed, please contact for more information

Need-based scholarships provide each child in the family with a free playlab133 enrichment class and playlab Care or Kinder Care slot that day (if no other childcare is available to the family).

Scholarship Application in English: Apply online 

Aplicación Para Ayuda Financiera: Aplica online 

Volunteer and Get a Free Class

Volunteer: playlab133 is looking for a few amazing parents/guardians to volunteer with playlab133.

  • Volunteers will need to be able to commit to one day a week, from 2:10-4:45pm for the complete term.
  • Some responsibilities of a playlab133 volunteer include transporting children, distributing snacks, helping with classes and dismissal and attending required training.
  • If you are unable to volunteer on your agreed upon day, for any reason, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement as it is important that we have the proper amount of adult supervision.
  • If you are able to make this commitment, you will receive 1 complimentary playlab133 enrichment class that is not full after registration closes. If you need to guarantee that your child gets into a class, please pay in full and we will find an additional class to give you free of charge. Volunteer slots are limited so please contact to sign up today

Behavior Policy

We are committed to providing all students at playlab133 a safe environment where they feel cared for, both physically and mentally. To accomplish this effectively, our students and vendors need an atmosphere where classes can function without undue disruption.

Physical Aggression or Bullying: If any student is physically aggressive or violent, or exhibits harmful behavior toward him/herself or another student or staff member, that student will be removed from the class, parents will be contacted, and required to pick up the student immediately. If the behavior continues, parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the program administrators and possibly school guidance counselor to identify ways to improve the child’s experience in the program and ensure the child’s safety. If a student’s harmful behavior continues after parent and professional intervention, that student may be removed from the program.

Disruption and Behavior: Students who repeatedly disrupt class or interfere with another child’s ability to learn in a positive environment, will be removed from the class for the day. If this behavior continues parents will be contacted to discuss further action. It may be necessary to remove the child from that class or the program.

Refunds will not be given for any classes dropped due to behavior issues.

We Need Your Help

There are two ways to help: with your time and/or with supplies.

Donate supplies: We need donated art supplies such as board games (Connect 4, Jenga, etc.), Legos, art & crafts supplies (markers, paint, brushes, art paper, etc), dress up costumes, musical instruments, and anything you can think of to keep our children busy and happy in playlab133 Care.


How can I enroll?
Please enroll online. If you need help, call the playlab133 number: 917 635-0534 or email

What if the class I wanted is full?
You can sign your child up for the waitlist. If a spot opens, you will receive an email alert and an invoice. There is no guarantee a spot will become available so if you need coverage that day please sign up for another class or playlab Care for that slot. If a spot becomes available, we can transfer your child.

How can I get the latest playlab133 updates?
In order to receive email updates sent out from the enrollment site your email address must be the one associated with your child’s account. You can also follow playlab133 on Facebook. New term registration information is always sent out through the PTA email alerts as well.

What do I do if I am experiencing technical problems when signing up online?
If you are experiencing problems, please text 917 635-0534 or email

What if I want to change classes after I have enrolled online?
You cannot change classes on your own. To transfer between classes or drop classes you should email or call 917-635-0534 and we will help take care of it.

What if I accidentally signed myself up instead of my child?
Please contact to correct this. This must be corrected before 1/20/19 or we won’t know that your child is in the enrolled class or where to find him/her.

What do the students do from dismissal until their 1st class?
We believe kids need some downtime after their school day. To this end, students will be picked up from their homeroom and brought to the gym to run, play tag, or sit and chat with their friends. Afterward, we take them to the cafeteria for snack time. From there they will be picked up by their enrichment class teachers and taken to their classes.

Why do class prices vary?
Prices are based on vendor and material costs and the number of classes per term. Classes may meet more or less often due to school closures on that specific day of the week.

This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the New York Department of Education or the City of New York.