playlab Class Descriptions

playlab133 Class Descriptions

Term 2 (2018/2019)

January 28 to June 21, 2019

Available Everyday

  • PLAYLAB CARE with playlab133 staff: Grades 1-5. playlab Care is offered in two sessions a day as an add-on to an enrichment class on the same day. In playlab Care students may work homework in a supervised setting, arts & crafts, board games, playing outdoors (when weather permits), and socializing with their playlab133 friends.
  • KINDER CARE with playlab133 staff: PreK-K. 2nd period. By the 2nd period, our youngest participants are winding down and may prefer something other than class or playlab133 Care with older grades. Based on their interests, energy, and mood, staff will lead this small group of students in activities such as story time, sing-a-longs, circle and board games, outdoor fun, dance, arts & crafts, and more. There will be plenty of attention and support for each student as they finish out their day.
  • MIXED MARTIAL ARTS with Sunset Park Martial Arts, Inc., Sensei Hector Arias: K-5th Grade. This class is offered for 2 sessions per day. This martial art is a combination of Karate, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu. Sensei will instill respect, discipline, and confidence in all students. They will learn self-defense and good workout habits. To enroll in a sparring class, students must also be enrolled in a technique class as well. Uniforms are required and must be purchased directly from Sensei Hector. The cost is $40. If a student advances in rank during the term there is an additional fee of $35 for the new belt and certificate.
  • OFF-SITE CLASSES: Students will be escorted by playlab133 staff to and from all off-site classes and PS133. Parents may also pick up their child at the off-site location. Please inform the playlab133 director if you choose to pick up off-site.

Once A Week Classes

  • ADVENTURES IN MYTHOLOGY with Plato Learning. Grades 2-5 Fridays 1st period. This class is a journey into the world of ancient myths and stories across many cultures, including Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Indigenous, and more. AIM activates students’ imaginations’ and takes them on a journey through a world of heroes, monsters, and magic. Each week is a new chapter in our original own class story, with activities ranging from armor design to epic live-action adventures, all under the mission of helping each student become the hero they were always meant to be. The goal is to engage children through a combination of mythology-inspired activities and experiential learning, teach them the concepts of the Hero’s journey (as written by Joseph Campbell), and connect it back to all stories.
  • AFRICAN DANCE with Mark Morris Dance Group. Grades 2-5 Wednesdays 2nd period. This high energy class explores traditional dances from across the African continent. Each week one or two new dances are explored. The start of a class builds on traditional West African dance techniques, followed by practice across the floor, and culminating in a final phrase. This class is accompanied by live music on traditional instruments such as the djembe and the djun-djun.
  • THE ART OF MANGA AND COMIC BOOKS with Created By Kids. Grades 2-5, Wednesdays 2nd period. During our comic book class, this semester students will study the rising cultural phenomena of manga, focusing on the unique Japanese drawing style to create their characters. We will also look closely at character development, storyline, and the artwork created to bring classic comic book stories to life. Students will use a range of materials in order to create their unique masterpieces, including gouache, watercolor, pencil, and more. This class encompasses not only a love for art but a love for books as well!
  • BASKETBALL with Amazing Athletes (affiliated with Super Soccer Stars). Grades 2-5 Tuesdays 2nd Period. This dynamic new basketball program will introduce basketball skills and techniques through a specially-designed curriculum that dribbling, passing, shooting, and basketball strategy. The non-competitive group classes let children build confidence in a safe and fun environment while also building teamwork and good sportsmanship.
  • BEGINNER BOTS with LEGO WeDo with Maker State. Grades K-2, Tuesdays 1st period. Students will assemble robots themselves from beginner kits before coding them with basic robotic tasks. This class introduces both Lego Robotics and entry-level coding. Projects entail building miniature rovers that can be navigated wirelessly through Bluetooth, grabbing arms that use motion sensors to open and close, and a bot that exemplifies a frog’s metamorphosis. The class begins with guided lessons supplied by Lego Education and progresses into student design creations. LEGO WeDo is great for students with interest in hands-on technology, design, and creativity.
  • BIT BOT BASICS with Koko, NYC. Grades Prek-1st, Fridays 1st period. Our teachers will help guide and encourage your child as they choose recyclables such as plastic bottles, cardboard, and paper to create sculptures that, when combined with littleBits or other electronics, come to life and light up, twist, turn, buzz, blink, and shake! Through the process of designing and building, your child will experience the practical and cultural possibilities of new inventions!
  • BROADWAY BOUND with BAL. Grades 1-4, Tuesdays, 2nd period. Sing, dance, and act your way through the semester as we learn music and choreography from multiple musicals! Through games and exercises, students will understand the fundamentals of becoming a musical theater performer with the skills and training to master a Broadway-worthy performance. This workshop, full of music, movement, and high-energy fun culminates in a performance.
  • CAPOEIRA with Maestro Lampreia from ACAI. Beginners: Grades Pk-2, Mondays 1st period. Intermediate: Grades K-5, Mondays, 2nd period. Capoeira is a fun way for children to develop gross motor skills, improve coordination, strength, and flexibility, discipline and social skills. Students develop an appreciation for music, culture, and themselves while learning a martial art. They will learn capoeira movement through familiar child-friendly games and the Portuguese language and history through music. A uniform is required for this class and can be purchased from the vendor. This class will perform at the playlab133Showcase.
  • CERAMICS with Created By Kids. Fridays: Grades PreK-1 1st period. Grades 2-5 2nd period. This class explores how to use clay, working to create both sculptural and functional forms. Students will cover classic hand-building techniques but will also expand to include figure working and other sculptural processes. Kids will learn various glazing techniques as well. They will make, and take home, kiln-fired ceramic projects.
  • CHESS with Chess NYC. Beginners: Thursdays: Grades K-2 1st period, Intermediate: Grades 2-5 2nd period. This class emphasizes sport and fun and provides the proper amount of chess instruction for each child. In providing supervised, spirited play, each student associates chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them become proficient, or even excel, in the great, significant, game of chess.
  • CODING CLUB with MINECRAFT with Maker State. Grades 3-5 Tuesdays 2nd period. Students will experience virtual computing activities while in Minecraft by using the programing language LUA. Using CompuCraft Minecraft, Coding Club introduces the basics of computer science through a variety of block and text-based coding activities. This class begins with the same introductory program written in any new coding language, “Hello World!” and continues moves forward into computer science syntax from there. Using Minecraft as a platform for learning rudimentary coding skills allows typically difficult material to be approachable, familiar and fun. As students become more familiar with the LUA coding language, they will be able to integrate these skills with Minecraft building skills, yielding infinite possibilities!
  • CREATIVE DANCE with Mark Morris Dance Group. Grades Pk-K, Thursdays, 1st period. Creative Dance blends movement, music, improvisation, and basic dance steps while providing an excellent introduction for the future study of all dance techniques. Students learn dance fundamentals while improving motor skills, self-expression, confidence, imagination, and social development. This class will perform at the end of Term playlab133 Showcase.
  • CROCHET & CRAFTS with Ms. Barker. Grades 1-5, Thursdays 1st period. Crochet, weaving, needlepoint and Arts & Crafts are fun and creative and give students a sense of pride and accomplishment. These skills also help students increase their fine motor coordination, thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • COURT 16 TENNIS off-site at Court 16. Grades K-5, Mondays 3:15-4:00 pm. Players will learn the fundamentals needed to rally, serve and play. They will work on developing a strong foundation for groundstrokes, volleys, serves and overheads. Additionally, players will build crucial athletic skills, such as agility, balance, coordination and reactionary prowess. Players will also obtain knowledge pertaining to the rules, regulations, history and culture of the sport and will work in teams and learn the values of respect, fair-play, and sportsmanship. Students must wear sneakers to participate in this class.
  • CURSIVE & CALLIGRAPHY with Created by Kids. Grades 2-5, Tuesdays 1st period. In this typography class students will be exposed to the technique of arranging type to make written language not only readable but appealing when displayed.  Students will practice their penmanship daily through varied exercises, alphabet study, and careful consideration of letter formation.  We will create a number of unique projects, with a focus on letter style, form, and shape.  Students will merge creativity with written language, not only to improve their writing skills but also to create their own unique art pieces.
  • DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with playlab133 staff member Menelik Washington. Grades 3-5, Mondays 2nd period. Dungeons and dragons is a cooperative storytelling game, based on the core concepts of exploration, social interaction, and combat. The goal of the game is enjoyment, and with a subtle hand the game master is tasked with creating a world that the players can use to express themselves in new ways. Through decision making and dice rolling the players are brought through an adventure where they are the heroes and decision makers. The game is largely comprised of puzzles, social decisions, and teamwork as benchmarks for success.
  • EMPERORS & DRAGONS with Anthropology Arts. Grades 2-5, Mondays 1sr Period. Students in this class will investigate cultural artifacts and folktales from Chinese emperors. We will work on arts-based projects that focus on: Dragons! Stories of female Empresses! Jade Burial Suits! and The Hungry Ghost Festival. Youth will be able to describe details from Chinese culture and folklore such as the importance of calligraphy, dragons, and jade, the influence of the natural environment in Chinese culture and pandas!
  • FENCING off-site at Brooklyn Fencing. Beginners: Grades 2-5, Wednesdays 3:05-4:05 pm. Students will be introduced to the basics of Olympic-style fencing. They will learn the basic movement (advance, retreat, lunge) then move on to a couple of parries and basic fencing tactics. Students will also practice their boutting together. Fencing is a unique sport that challenges students both mentally and physically.
  • FINE ART MASTERS with Created by Kids. Grades 2-5, Wednesdays 1st period. Through a variety of drawing exercises and fun projects, students will hone their skills, increase powers of observation, and be introduced to new drawing materials and concepts. In painting, we’ll use materials such as acrylic, gouache, and watercolor. In drawing, we will be using different types of charcoal and pencils for shading, line making and highlighting to create realistic representations of still lives and figure drawings.  We will be looking at the different artistic traditions, and learn the fundamental concepts of art, such as color theory, composition, and texture. Students will emerge with a newfound understanding of the wide range of styles, movements, and materials that have influenced art for centuries.
  • GARDENING with Brooklyn Seed’s Eman Rashid. Wednesdays: Grades Pk-K, 1st period, Grades 1-5 2nd period. This gardening and nature class teaches how to grow food, about native and invasive plants and their effect our wildlife and about the environment by adopting and caring for neighborhood trees. In winter, kids learn to sprout food in water and in soil. They also make bird feeders, explore pickling, and take one houseplant and multiply it into many.
  • HIP-HOP with Mark Morris. Grades 1-3, Thursdays 2nd period. Established in the 1970s, Hip-Hop dance as an element of the Hip-Hop culture has become a popular and innovative movement style around the world. Students explore their personal voice through freestyle (improvisation) and a wide range of codified styles, including breaking, popping, and locking. This class will perform at the end of the term playlab133Showcase.
  • IMAGINARY MENAGERIE with Studio in a School. Mondays: Grades Pk-1, 1st period, Grades 2-5, 2nd period. We are all about animals and art! We will collage, paint, draw and/or sculpt and make art about animals: pets, animal families, imaginary and fantasy creatures and more! Our parents will be invited to our final session to see our work and join in the art making!
  • IMPROV WORKSHOP with Brooklyn Acting Lab. Grades 3-5, Tuesdays 1st period. Calling all comedians, clowns, and improvisers! Get ready for SNL because this workshop will give you the space to explore and develop your comedic skills. Students will learn the foundations of improvisation through ensemble-building theater games.  At Brooklyn Acting Lab, we believe in creating safe, inclusive, and nurturing spaces for young people to develop their theater-making and performance skills. No experience necessary. Come as you are! Let’s find the truth in comedy together!
  • JEWELRY MAKING & CRAFTS with Ms. Johnson. Grades 1-5, Tuesdays 2nd period. Students will learn to make their own necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with different techniques such as beading, leather work, Macramé, Paper Mache and compiling everyday items into original creations, like creating beads from magazine pages, and bracelets from paper clips.
  • JUDO with Sunset Park Martial Arts. Grades K-5, Fridays 2nd period. This class is for yellow belts and above. Learn how to throw an opponent bigger than yourself. It’s a fun and exciting class. Students in this class will not move up in rank.
  • LET’S LEGO with Ms. Johnson. Grades 1-5, Thursdays 2nd period. This class is Lego free-style building with friends. Students may work on structured projects or their own designs with playlab133’s hundreds of Legos.
  • MAKE A MUSICAL – PETER PAN with Child’s Play. Grades K-2 Mondays 1st period. Come sing, dance and fly your way from the Darling’s home to Never Never Land as we adventure inside J.M. Barrie’s amazing tale. We will play tag with our shadows, learn to speak Tinkerbell gibberish and think our Happy Thoughts so we learn to soar! Dive in the Mermaid Lagoon, swagger on Captain Hook’s ship and sing as a Lost Kid. Join us – Peter is waiting by your window to whisk you away! Class culminates in a final performance crafted by the students.
  • MOVIE MAKING with Koko NYC Grades 2-5 Thursdays 1st period. Students will learn how the elements of lighting, music, screenwriting, acting and directing come together to tell a powerful story on screen. The class will explore how a singular element such as lighting a scene can contribute to the effect on the viewer. The ideas from the group will form the basis of their creative work, working together to create the final product. Part or all of the final project will be shown at the playlab133 end of term Showcase.
  • PIANO & MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS with The Brooklyn Music School. Grades K-3 Fridays 1st period. In this beginning group piano/keyboarding class with Brooklyn Music School faculty, students learn the basics of how to play simple songs and read music. As a central instrument in the world of music, learning basic piano skills is a great introduction to all instrumental music study. This class will also contain exercises in other types of musical study.
  • playlab133 CHEFS with Allergic to Salad. Grades 1-5 Tuesdays 1st period. A fun, hands-on, from-scratch STEM-based culinary classes. Together we’ll hone our culinary skills by learning how to use a variety of tools, discuss kitchen and food safety, explore new and exciting foods, and recipes. Classes provide basic kitchen safety, food handling, food prep and technique, including knife skills. The class encourages cleanliness, proper table setting and manners. Cooking is known to increase motor skills, math skills, build self-esteem, self-reliance, and more.
  • POP ART with Created by Kids. Thursdays, grades Pk-1: 3:20-4:20 pm. Students will explore the thrilling world of Pop Art by studying the iconic works of famous modern artists, incorporating those ideas into projects. Students will make huge felt and cloth replicas of their favorite foods the way Oldenberg did. They’ll learn about printmaking and burn photographic images to screens to replicate Andy Warhol’s techniques. Kids will be drawn in by the exciting ideas, bold colors, and unusual materials while learning about these well-known artists.
  • PUPPETS & TALES with Brooklyn Beanstalk. Grades K-2, Fridays 1st period. This class is dedicated to puppetry Arts and storytelling. Over the course of a session, students will explore the joy of telling stories with puppet making. We’ll explore a variety of styles from paper cardboard to animated objects and shadow puppetry. We will work in parallel on simple theatrical games to create a puppet show presented at the end of the session.
  • PUPPET LAB with Brooklyn Beanstalk. Graders 2-5, Fridays 2nd period. In this class, we’ll play with creating self-portraits and animate them using drawing, cutting out, pop up art, shadow puppetry and voicing over to give life to own animated puppet self.
  • ROCK CLIMBING with Brooklyn Boulders. Grades 2-5, Thursdays 3:10-4:10 pm; Grades K-5, Fridays 3:05-4:05pm. This class will integrate classroom-style, process-oriented learning into a climbing environment. This new curriculum is based off four aims: Be Relentless, Get Weird, Make it Beautiful and Attitude is Everything — students will learn the mental, physical and social aspects of climbing as they apply to life. Activities include bouldering, roped climbing, stretching, and climbing games geared toward accomplishing the goal of the day.
  • ROCK GUITAR off-site at The Brooklyn Guitar Center. Grades 2-5 Tuesdays 3:10-4:10 pm. The Guitar Center’s step-by-step curriculum includes music theory and basic technique and is backed by a vast library of recorded music, special warm-up exercises, a book for each student, and song charts of the most popular current songs. Absolutely no prior musical experience needed. Students will learn musical fundamentals and play along to great songs by artists they know and love. This class may perform at the playlab133 end of term Showcase.
  • SELF DEFENSE with Sunset Park Martial Arts. Grades 2-5, Mondays 2nd period. This basic self-defense class will teach students the fundamentals of self-defense. They will learn self-confidence as well as how to respect one another in the class. The one requirement for this class is that the child is already a Yellow belt or above in any of Sensei Hector’s Mixed Martial Arts class. All students must be in uniform in order to participate in this class. At the end of the semester, all children will receive a certificate of completion.
  • SEWING AND TEXTILES with Created by Kids. Grades 2-5 Thursdays 2nd period. Students will have the opportunity to explore textile through several forms and techniques. We will cover both hand-stitching and on machine work to create a beautiful Geta Bretascu inspired piece and look at Mexican artist Pia Camil to create a one-of-a-kind colorful printed textile to hang in your home. We’ll find inspiration in street artists like London Kaye to explore the power of textile art through popular media. Students will also have the opportunity to experience the joy in creating functional textile work like macramé, crochet, weaving, knitting and more.
  • SING-A-LONG YOGA with Ruah Bhay. Grades PreK-K. Wednesdays, 1st period. In this class, kids will be guided through yoga, singing and play to improve their strength, flexibility, and coordination while learning to focus and steady their mind. Kids will practice yoga poses, breathing and visualization techniques, play games and learn basic anatomy. This class is an opportunity for kids to go on a journey of self-discovery while developing respect for themselves as well as awareness and respect for others.
  • SINGERS & SONGWRITERS with Ms. Eva from The Brooklyn Music School. Grades 1-5, Mondays 3:20-4:50 pm (1.5-hour long class), and Wednesdays 1st period. Ready to sing your favorite modern and classic pop songs, and maybe compose one, too? This vocal workshop takes you to the stage, building repertoire, ensemble cooperation, and to writing your own songs. Pick up at 4:55pm from playab133 home base. This class will perform for the end of Term playlab133 Showcase.
  • SOCCER with Super Soccer Stars. Grades Pk-K, Tuesdays 1st period. Grades 1-3, Wednesdays 1st period. Super Soccer Stars teaches soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Our philosophy is to use soccer to nurture, to build self-confidence, and to develop teamwork in every class. All Super Soccer Stars classes are based on age-specific curricula to guarantee that each child is learning and having a blast from the moment the whistle blows.
  • SPLAT LAB with Anthropology Arts. Grades Pk-1, Tuesdays 1st period and Grades K-2 Wednesdays 1st period. Students will have the opportunity to explore, create, problem solve and have fun! Each class will feature a cool project such as making slime, unicorn poop or marshmallow towers. Every session will feature student choice and the option for free exploration such as tinker stations, butcher paper free draw and beading.
  • YOGA with Monkey Do! Yoga. Fridays, Grades 2-5 1st period, Grades K-3 2nd period. Students discover their strength and self-esteem through a playful yoga class. It’s stretching, breath and movement, but it’s not just exercise. Kids learn tools for self-regulation, community and confidence building exercises that they can take with them as they move through school.