playlab Vendor and Instructors Information

Term 1 (2018/2019)

September 12, 2018 to January 25, 2019


  • ACAI Founded in 2008, the Allied Capoeira Arts Initiative (ACAI) promotes and fosters the understanding and practice of Capoeira and Brazilian culture by bringing together people of diverse ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds, and by providing a vehicle for improving their health, physical fitness, and cultural awareness through the art of Capoeira.
  • ALLERGIC TO SALAD Allergic to Salad is a youth-based culinary program offering hands-on, STEM- and CORE-based healthy cooking classes. Together, we cook up and enjoy international cuisine on a weekly basis, creating a platform for a lifetime of adventurous eating. Our classes incorporate and encourage healthy eating habits, knife skills, culinary techniques, cleanliness, safety, self-reliance, self-confidence, and spark imagination, curiosity, and creativity. In addition to learning a new recipe and honing our culinary skills each week, we spend time exploring concepts of food policy and justice, math and science, cultural diversity, literacy, art, and more.
  • BROOKLYN BEANSTALK is an arts-driven educational organization offering performing arts and language immersion programming for children. Since 2009 Brooklyn Beanstalk has been serving thousands of children and their families in NYC with in-school programming and partnering with cultural and community institutions.
  • BREF is based on the French Elementary School curriculum standards with a focus on reading and writing as well as expanding of vocabulary, orthographic & grammar skills. Our goal is to provide language support to help reach grade level French.
  • BROOKLYN ACTING LAB The mission of Brooklyn Acting Lab is to create innovative theatrical works that reflect our diverse global community and to nurture talent by providing comprehensive arts training for children and adults.
  • THE BROOKLYN FENCING CENTER Opened in Carroll Gardens in January 2003. They are Brooklyn’s first competitive fencing club. Their mission is to make the excitement and joy of fencing more accessible to all.
  • THE BROOKLYN GUITAR CENTER Their mission is to coach personal greatness, one lesson at a time! Their teachers and staff are united in a desire to be a great guitar school — one with spectacular lessons and classes as well as outstanding service. We would like every guest, student, and teacher to leave our school strengthened in mind and spirit, and more able to rock!
  • THE BROOKLYN MUSIC SCHOOL views music and performance as the birthright of all people, an essential way that human beings connect with others and explore their creativity. The study of music has been demonstrated to enhance academic learning and helps to develop discipline and confidence that will serve children well throughout their lives.
  • BROOKLYN SEEDS believes in treating children with respect while teaching them to take care of the earth around them. Eman practices a method called Non-Violent Communication (NV), whereby listening, reflection, compassion, and kindness are used in everyday teaching. Gardening teaches children about the earth and allows them to connect to nature. The act of learning to care for living things around us is an empowering one. Gardening can help calm children while also thrilling them to the core.
  • CAMP HALF-BLOOD AiM, Adventures in Mythology, is a Camp Half-Blood inspired journey into the world of ancient myths and stories across many cultures, including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and more. AiM activates students’ imaginations and takes them on a week-to-week literary journey as demigods through a world of heroes, monsters, and magic.
  • CHESS NYCMore than a Game, it’s our culture.” Founded in 2007, the Chess NYC philosophy is to emphasize sport and fun and provide as much Chess instruction as each child can bear…but not overload. In providing supervised, spirited play, each student associates Chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great, significant, game of Chess.
  • COURT 16 is the 1st and the only kids’ tennis club in Brooklyn. With perfectly kid-sized courts and a modern approach to training, our community gives new and seasoned players the right foundation to play with imagination, energy and a whole lot of heart.
  • CREATED BY KIDS is an arts program that provides the skill and materials for your child to explore their artistic abilities in an encouraging, engaging environment.
  • KINDERDANCE® BROOKLYN Their programs are designed so children will have fun while learning and are taught by experienced professional Kinderdance® teachers who specialize in dance and gymnastics education for children ages 2-12. They stress the development of physical skills, imagination, and socialization while building self-confidence and self-esteem. The programs help develop gross motor skills, movements creativity, and body awareness. The blending of these disciplines ensures that each child has an optimal learning experience.
  • KOKO NYC is about seeing and doing. Ideas over technique. Organized by Open Source Gallery, we combine Open Source’s mission to support socially engaged art and environmental sustainability with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ART, and math) programming. We believe the only bad ideas are the ones that go unexplored. KOKO’s innovative, learner-centered art workshops enable participants to shape their own experiences through a peer-to-peer learning strategy. We nurture and fuel children’s creativity and curiosity, encouraging visual thinking as a means of self-expression. Our goal is to create a greater understanding of art and technology and help children develop problem-solving skills that will benefit them in school and for the rest of their lives.
  • MAKER-STATE believes in Standards-based STEM education. Their curriculum and instructional approach follow these key sets of standards: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), NYC DOE STEM Framework, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Student Standards, Computer Science Teachers Association Guidelines.
  • MARK MORRIS DANCE GROUP Founded in New York City in 1980 by artistic director and choreographer Mark Morris. Education at the Mark Morris Dance Group reflects the spirit of the Mark Morris Dance Group in its celebration of dance and music. We believe that the study of various dance forms and music is essential to a child’s education and development. MMDG is committed to building community through dance by providing access to meaningful artistic experiences for people of all ages and abilities.
  • THE MUSE BROOKLYN is, above all else, a creative community. We are a home for artists from all over the world, and together we celebrate circus in all its forms: circus as therapy, as fitness, as a form of play, and especially as high-quality art and spectacular entertainment.
  • SCHOOL OF ROCK believes that playing real music is the only path to proficiency and a true appreciation for music. Their unique approach to music instruction teaches students vital fundamentals through songs they know and love. School of Rock isn’t just about creating killer musicians with a lasting love for all things rock. Because life isn’t a solo act, they are equally focused on creating awesome bands of friends and musicians. They’re as much about orchestrating a community full of cool experiences as we are about building confidence, extraordinary teamwork, and achieving excellence through their unique teaching method.
  • STUDIO IN A SCHOOL has a mission to foster the creative and intellectual development of youth through quality visual arts programs, directed by arts professionals. Studio hires only professional artists to teach in its programs. Working artists are particularly suited for teaching art, not only because they have extensive knowledge of the history and culture of art and strong technical skills, but also because they are able to model an artist’s way of thinking and working. This enthusiasm is conveyed to their students, who learn that art is more than skill – it is a process of exploration and discovery. Every year, hundreds of artists apply for teaching positions with Studio; from the talented group, only the most qualified are chosen.
  • SUNSET PARK MARTIAL ARTS, INC. is a member of the Kar-Do-Jitsu Ryu Karate Federation, which has had a presence in the Sunset Park neighborhood for over 40 years. They are a family-oriented school working to teach their students respect, humility, discipline, responsibility and most of all self-defense. Hanshi Hector Arias is the Owner and Chief Instructor, who began his Martial Arts journey in the Kar-Do-Jitsu Ryu Karate Federation at the age of 13 and received his black belt at the age of 18. He has been instructing students for the last 30 years.
  • SUPER SOCCER STARS At Super Soccer Stars, dynamic coaches work with every student to develop skills, self-confidence, and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive environment. Positive reinforcement and low child-to-coach ratios ensure that each child will improve his or her soccer skills through engaging warm-ups, activities, and games—all while having endless fun! Each child receives a t-shirt with registration. Come get the ball rolling today!


  • LISA ANDERSON is a 500-hour registered Yoga teacher certified through YogaWorks, and holds a 100-hour Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga certification (meaning she is trained in adapting Yoga for all ages and body types). She believes that the practice of Yoga can and should be fun for children and adults alike and brings a sense of playfulness combined with a deep knowledge of anatomy and physical alignment to all her classes.
  • MARY BARKER A vital member of the PS133 community, Ms. Barker works in the PS133 Main Offices. She has been teaching her popular class; Crochet & Crafts, and its’ various incarnations since playlab133 opened.
  • LAUREN GOODRICH is entering her 3rd year as Director of playab133 and is also a Middle Eastern Dance instructor. She has performed, choreographed and taught Middle Eastern Dance in the US and 7 different countries under the stage name of Azza Amon. Trained in NY and Cairo, she honed her craft in New York’s top Middle Eastern, Turkish and Greek nightclubs to live bands. No longer performing, she currently teaches locally and has taught multiple times in Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Intuitive about her students, she is a passionate and generous teacher who enjoys bringing the love of Middle Eastern Dance to others.
  • MS. JOHNSON has worked for the DOE for 24 years, 5 of which with PS133, and with playlab133 since it opened. She knows, and knows how to work with every child at PS133 and is currently assisting Studio in a School. She is the master of the art room and all things inside, focusing on fostering success in students.
  • JAMIE LEE MOLINA has been part of the playlab133 family for two years overseeing playlab Care and as our resident Arts & Crafts specialist. Her students from last year went home with amazing and unique scrapbooks. She is currently working on her Associate Degree in Human Services.
  • MISSY SCHWARTZ is the parent of two DLPF students, one in 2nd grade and one in kindergarten. She lived in France as a child and has a Master’s Degree in French Literature from Harvard University, where she taught French language courses during her graduate studies.