playlab133 Registration

playlab133 Registration

Classes are not confirmed until successfully checking out.


Enrollment Suggestions for Success!

Some classes fill up within minutes. The following advice may help you confirm the classes you would like.

  • If there is a class that is very important to you, add it to your cart and check out immediately to help ensure availability.
  • Multi-Registration Button: This button allows you to select all the classes you are interested in per child at once. Using this button will speed up your check out. Make sure you know exactly which classes you want for each child, and have a backup choice available in case your first choice is full.
  • Waitlist: If you did not get a class you want make sure to add your child’s name to the waitlist as quickly as possible. There is a lot of movement in the registration. Your child may get in if he/she is in the top of the waitlist.
  • Classes predicted to fill quickly: Rock Climbing, Splat Lab, School of Rock, playlab133 Chefs, Yoga, and Court 16.
  • playlab Care must be combined with an enrichment class on the same day. If a student is enrolled in only playlab Care on a given day, an additional fee of $8 per day per class will be added to the order. Additional Fee cost for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be $144, Tuesdays $128, and for Thursdays $136.
  • Pay any outstanding balance in advance: Any outstanding balance must be paid before the system will allow you to enroll in more classes. Check your account to make sure you do not have any outstanding balance (late pick up fees etc.) If you do have an outstanding balance, pay it before registration opens so to prevent it from slowing down your check out.
  • Check out quickly: A class choice is not yours until you have checked out and paid for it. Classes can fill while they are in your cart. The only way to confirm your reservation for a class is to check out and pay for it. If there is a class that is very


Refund Policy: Choose Your Classes Carefully!

playlab133 realizes that schedules and needs change. Our Board has developed a refund schedule that we believe is fair and does not compromise the success of our program, which helps fund many PS133 programs like Studio in a School and lunch staff.

Please note, the below schedule is based on classes that have occurred regardless if your child was absent from the scheduled class. All drops at any time will incur a $25 administrative fee ($35 for Court 16).


Before the 1st scheduled class meets


After the 1st scheduled class meets


After the 2nd scheduled class meets


After the 3rd scheduled class meets

Transfers to another class:

After 2 transfers, any additional transfers will incur a $10 administrative fee.


1st Period Classes

Recess & Snack


Dismissal from the Cafeteria


2nd Period Classes


Dismissal from playlab133 room (TBD)


If your child is only registered for a 2ndperiod class, they will need to be picked up at dismissal and brought back by 4:20pm.

For children enrolled in Kids Orbit or University Settlement programs at PS133, playlab133 staff will pick up your child for class and bring them back to that program afterward.



Registration Fee – Annual $60 registration per family, charged once each school year upon enrollment.

Class Fees – Varies depending on overhead costs per class and how many times the class meets per session, dependent upon school closures.

Payment Plan Fee: $2 per course

– Enrichment classes: Fees range from around $200 – $600 per class for each 5-month term.

playlab and KinderCare: $12 per hour.

Late Pick-up Fee: There will be a $10 late charge if you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child. After that, a $1 per minute late fee will be charged to your account. We’re sorry, but because of tight staffing and scheduling, there will be no exceptions to this policy. This fee will be added to your invoice and charged to your credit card.

Returned Checks: There will be a $30 fee for any returned checks.


Payment Options

Payment must be made at the time of registration by credit or debit card.
Options are:

  • Pay In Full by Credit card at the time of registration
  • Payment Plan: If you choose this option your card will be charged 40% of the total balance when you register. The remaining 60% will be charged in 3 more installments of 20% each on the 6th of each month through April. There will be a one time $2 fee for each class paid in the payment plan.


General Information

Off-Site Classes – Students will be transported to and from off-site classes by playlab133 staff and volunteers. Parents may pick students up at their off-site classes at the time the class is over. You must advise the playlab133 director in advance if you plan to pick up off-site. Important note: Please do not arrive early to watch any part of the class. This is distracting for students and instructors. We will offer Open Houses periodically for parent/guardians to observe classes with advanced registration.

Make-up Classes – the playlab133 schedule and pricing considers all the scheduled school closures. There is NO guarantee that make-up classes will be offered for classes canceled due to unscheduled school closures. playlab133 cannot offer make-up classes for a child who misses a class for personal reasons.

Class Cancellation – The Extended Day Committee reserves the right to cancel an enrichment class if it does not reach the minimum enrollment. We will notify you before classes begin if you have registered for an enrichment that has been canceled. You will have the option of choosing an available slot in another class or receiving a refund for that class.

Oversight/Staff – playlab133 is overseen by the PTA VP of Extended Day, the PTA Extended Day Committee and Chairs, and a dedicated group of parent volunteers. The day-to-day operations of the program and management of staff and vendors is overseen by the full-time director, Lauren Goodrich. The staff consists of PS 133 employees and carefully selected staff who has experience working with children in childcare programs. All staff members will be background checked.


Behavior Policy

We are committed to providing all students at playlab133 a safe environment where they feel cared for, both physically and mentally. To accomplish this effectively, our students and vendors need an atmosphere where classes can function without undue disruption.

Physical Aggression or Bullying: If any student is physically aggressive or violent or exhibits harmful behavior toward him/herself or another student or staff member, that student will be removed from the class, parents will be contacted, and required to pick up the student immediately. An Incident Report will be filled. If the behavior continues, parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the program administrators and possibly school guidance counselor to identify ways to improve the child’s experience in the program and ensure the child’s safety. If a student’s harmful behavior continues after parent and professional intervention, that student may be removed from the program.

Disruption and Behavior: Students who repeatedly disrupt class or interfere with another child’s ability to learn in a positive environment, will be removed from the class for the day. An Incident Report will be filed. If this behavior continues parents will be contacted to discuss further action. It may be necessary to remove the child from that class or the program.

Refunds will not be given for any classes dropped due to behavior issues.