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Fundraising with Amazon

This holiday season, please make sure you shop through our amazon program to earn money back to PS 133. Shopping through this amazon affiliate program allows PS 133 to collect a % of each sale. Last year, we raised almost $2,000!

Tell your friends and family, too!

 Click here to start shopping! 

How to Bookmark the PS 133 & Amazon link

1- Click on the Amazon link in the sidebar of the PS 133 site or click here.


2- You will be redirected to Amazon’s site tagged with PS 133’s code.


3 -Bookmark the link to this Amazon page (


4. Add the bookmark to your browser’s toolbar


5. Click on the PS 133/Amazon link whenever you shop with Amazon


6. Share the link with grandparents, friends, and co-workers. If you prefer a shorter link you can also use