PS 133 mentioned as a ‘pro-diversity option’ in letter from councilmember

Check out this letter from council member Brad Lander that mentions our great school!  Pass on the word to any friends looking for schools!

If you’ve got a 3 or 4-year-old at home right now, chances are you are currently trying to come up with snow-day activities, or else bravely bundling them up for a trip outside (if you do, dress very warmly and be careful out there).

So you may not be thinking right at this moment about the PreK and Kindergarten application process … but they are coming up fast. The Kindergarten application process is already underway (deadline is next Friday, January 12). And the Pre-Kindergarten application process opens on February 5th.

Most families in NYC go to their zoned school for kindergarten, but there several non-zoned options for Pre-K and K at schools that work to foster integrated student communities. We want to make sure that all families are aware of these options.

Bringing kids together across lines of race, class and language is one of the greatest promises of our public schools … but one that is far from being fulfilled. That’s why I’ve been working for the past several years with advocates, educators and colleagues to fight school segregation (you can read more about that broader work here). This work is urgently necessary if we believe in equality, and research shows it also results in better education for all our kids.

Several schools in our community have been at the forefront of the effort to create integrated, inclusive, educationally-rich learning environments (through the DOE’s “Diversity in Admissions” program, and outside of it as well). And in the coming months, we will be working together on a plan to increase integration in District 15’s middle schools.

For Pre-K and Kindergarten, families in our community can consider the following great pro-diversity options (in addition to your zoned school):

  • P.S. 133 (610 Baltic Street, Park Slope) offers Spanish & French dual language programs, and a curriculum rich in language and culture, in a diverse environment, with seats reserved for low-income and ELL students in D13 and D15.
  • The Children’s School/P.S. 372 (512 Carroll Street, Gowanus) features “inclusion” classrooms, small class sizes, and a full range of special education services, with a priority for low-income & ELL students in D15.
  • P.S. 15 (1 Sullivan Street, Red Hook) offers a growing STEM program, strong arts education, community partnerships, and dual language programs, with zoned admissions plus a magnet program that welcomes students from other districts.
  • Brooklyn New School/P.S. 146 (610 Henry Street, Carroll Gardens) has a decades-long history of commitment to a diverse group of students engaged in active learning to achieve academic and personal success, with a priority for low-income students in D15.
  • P.S. 282 (180 6th Avenue, Park Slope) is a zoned school in District 13 with expanding kindergarten seats and a strong Pre-K program that will likely have openings for some families outside of the zone, dedicated to developing excellent readers, writers, and problem solvers.

My office has created the attached flyer (in English, Spanish, Bengali, and Chinese) with an overview of these great pro-diversity options for Kindergarten & Pre-Kindergarten (find them below).

The enrollment deadline (especially for Kindergarten) is coming fast, so please help us spread the word by forwarding this e-mail, and talking to friends & neighbors. We can get you copies of the flyers as well (contact Vicki Sell in my office, at 718-499-1090 or

We’re lucky to have these great options in our community — each one created by a hard-working team of educators — in addition to the strong network of zoned schools. I hope you’ll consider them, and help spread the word about them.

Together, we can fulfill the promise of more equal, more inclusive education for all our kids.