PS 133 Performing Arts

2017-18 was an exciting year for students at PS 133. The parent-run performing arts committee continues to work closely with teachers and staff to make some amazing things happen. We have worked to improve our stage with new lighting by securing a Neighborhood School Grant through the Walentas Family Foundation; and we have updated our microphones and sound systems by working with the school administration to allocate DOE funds.

We’re proud to extend our performing arts residencies to include S’Cool SoundsCreative Stages, Marquis Studios, and Urban Choir.  Within our school, dedicated teachers also drive the PS133 One Vision Dance Troupe and PS133 Players with support from the Performing Arts Committee.

Past residency partnerships include Theatre for a New Audience’s (TFANA) New Voices Project and World Theatre Project.

See below for more information about our performing arts programming and residencies.

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PS133 Drama Department

PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade:

At 133 we understand that fostering an understanding of theater and its role in learning is a big deal.  Ms. Laurie Davis, our amazing Drama Teacher, is dedicated to teaching our children the concepts of self-exploration and to expanding their understanding and view of the world around them through theatre.

4th and 5th Grade: PS133 Players’ Annual Musical Productions

Each school year our Drama Department and Performing Arts Committee partner to bring the 133 community and our local neighbors an exciting and kid-friendly musical performance.  Students experience the entire process of being part of such a production, from auditions and crew member interviews to getting headshots taken and building sets; from learning music and choreography to operating a spotlight and striking the set.

The musical for spring 2018-2019 will be Disney’s The Aristocats KIDS! Past shows include The Jungle Book KIDS! and Seussical the Musical. 

Learn more about PS133’s Drama Teacher: Ms. Davis! &
Check out the Drama Class Happenings at 133!

4th & 5th Grade: PS133 Players’ Spring Musical
Timeline: Program begins with auditions and casting announcements in the late fall semester; weekly rehearsals at the start of spring semester and final performances in May.
Goals: To give upper-grade students the opportunity to experience the audition process, work with a professional music director and choreographer, learn to work effectively in a group setting, hone public-speaking and presentation skills, all through a fun and engaging age-appropriate theatrical production.  Crew positions are also available for 5th graders with interviews in December.
Description: Children learn self-presentation skills, build self-confidence, learn dance and vocal skills and collaborate in order to perform a full musical.
Culminating Show: Disney’s The Aristocats KIDS!, Thursday, May 16th & Friday, May 17th, 2019.

PS133 Partnerships for 2018-2019

3rd Grade: Creative Stages
Timeline: Program begins in the spring semester with final project presentation in May.
Goals: To give students the opportunity to adapt a storybook or folktale into a theatrical production.
Description: Children learn how to warm-up their bodies, collaborate on a project and ultimately perform on stage.
Culminating Show: TBD


Past Performing Arts Partnerships (Fall 2014- Spring 2018)

4th Grade + 4/5’s Bridge Class: Theatre for a New Audience’s New Voices Project
Timeline:  Program usually begins in the late fall with a final project presentation in February.
Goals: To introduce students to playwriting, foster the process of writing their own play and to see professional actors and actresses perform their work on stage.
Description:  This program is in line with ELA standards and fosters an in-depth understanding of storytelling and teamwork as well as self-confidence self-expression.
Culminating Show:  February 15, 2018

5th Grade: Theatre for a New Audience’s World Theater Project

Timeline: Program usually begins in the spring semester, January/February
Goals: To introduce students to classical text, teach the process of adapting a Shakespeare or other classical play and to give them the opportunity to perform their created work on stage, and to bolster self-confidence and self-presentation skills.  Students also attend a professional production of a classical play at TFANA’s Polansky Theatre in Fort Greene.
Description: This program is in line with and supports ELA standards; student work with seasoned teaching artists and broaden their worldview through theatre.
Culminating Show: Student adaptation of The Winter’s Tale on January 2018; field trip to see TFANA production of The Winter’s Tale March 15, 2018