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PTA Bylaws Amendments for Comment

All PTAs throughout the NYC DOE must abide by a certain set of rules called the Chancellor’s Regulation A660. Embedded in these guidelines are the requirement that every PTA must also have its own set of bylaws, which at a minimum mirror the requirements in the A660 and must then be customized to the unique needs and community of a given PTA. The bylaws become the governing document to ensure business is run as much as possible in a fair and equitable way and that business continuity can be maintained from year-to-year.

In January 2017, an updated set of Chancellor’s A660 were issued for the first time in five years. As such, the PTA of PS 133K must bring its bylaws into alignment with the new A660 updates. The PTA Board is also taking the opportunity to recommend some customized changes to reflect the PS 133 PTA community and business since the last time they were amended was in November 2014.

The recommended amendments were presented at the March 21, 2017 PTA General Membership meeting. PTA members will have until 5PM on April 25, 2017 to review, inquire and provide comment. Suggested amendments will then be put before membership for a vote at the April 26, 2017 meeting.

To view the proposed amendments – click here. Please note – items highlighted only in yellow are items that bring the PTA of PS 133 bylaws into alignment with the recent A660 amendments. Areas which are highlighted and noted are customized recommendations that are particular to the PTA of PS 133 business and governing functions.

To view the existing bylaws prior to amendment – click here.

Printed copies of the proposed amendments may be obtained outside of the PTA office, which is located directly across from the first floor elevators.

Should you wish to provide comment or have any questions, please contact the PTA Recording Secretary, Kathryn Mora, at