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How much can your PS 133 Student read? We are challenging every student to read as much as they can every day for as many minutes as they can over the Midwinter Recess. Our second annual PS 133 Readathon will run from Friday, February 17th through Sunday, February 26th. During this 10-day period, the kids will set their own reading goals and then read daily for as many minutes as they can. (See the Recommended Reading Goals for each grade below.)

The aim of the Readathon is to inspire students to read, build their reading stamina, promote a varied “reading diet” and cultivate school spirit.

Parents, family, co-workers, neighbors and friends can sponsor a child with a fixed donation or can make a pledge per minute of reading. Take us up on the PS 133 5/10/15 Readathon Challenge: Find 5 sponsors to pledge $10 for at least 15 minutes each day for the Readathon period.

All pledge proceeds will go towards classrooms libraries and other PTA supported programming that benefits PS 133 students.

Please help us support our young readers and show your school spirit by participating in the Readathon!

Recommended Reading Goals
Pre-K – 1st Grade: 10-15 min per day
2nd Grade – 3rd Grade: 15-30 min per day
4th Grade – 5th Grade: 30-45 min per day

Download a Reading Log and Pledge Sheet  below, in English or Spanish

Readathon Pledge
This pledge is for (child):

Have a question about Readathon or want to volunteer to help?  Send us an email.

Pledges may be submitted via cash, check (payable to PTA of PS 133) or via PayPal.

*Monetary pledges are not mandatory and are merely a suggested pledge amount.  Regardless of whether or not pledges are secured, we want ALL PS 133 kids to join in the fun and show what great readers they are.