S’Cool Sounds Program

S’Cool Sounds has worked with the five classes of PS133’s 2nd grade since October of 2017. The weekly instructional music lessons in recorder and percussion provide our students with an opportunity to learn about a wide range of music from different cultures while working together in an ensemble setting. During S’Cool Sounds classes, we have seen our young students capable grow in their focus and discipline as part of learning to play music together. They are also becoming aware of the significance of music as a means of communication and artistic expression.

The S’Cool Sounds teaching artist has collaborated with the PS133 2nd grade classroom teachers to develop a music curriculum best suited to each of their classrooms. Students have been eager to participate, and all involved are looking forward to the 5-week “Music in Kenya” residency – scheduled for this spring. Second grade students will learn about Kenya and Kenyan music and will be introduced (through video and pictures) to children studying music at a S’Cool Sounds partner school in Nairobi. The project will culminate in a student performance of Kenyan songs for the PS133 community.

We strongly believe that music education at an early age further develops and prepares children for success in school by strengthening language, literacy, mathematics, motor, and socialization skills. S’Cool Sounds classes are playing a vital role in our school; we plan to continue this program for next year.