Upcoming Street Safety March (3/12)

Transportation Alternatives is working with Families for Safe Streets and local partners to organize a March for Safe Streets this coming Monday evening (3/12).

This is in response to recent tragic and preventable crashes that have claimed the lives of three young people.

Just a few days ago, Joshua Lew and Abigail Blumenstein, aged 1 and 4, were killed by someone who drove her car through a red light in Brooklyn. Five weeks before that, a man drove an oil truck without a license and killed another child in Brooklyn: Kevin Flores, age 13.

Unsafe streets are especially dangerous for children. And in New York City, being killed in traffic is a leading cause of death for kids. This has to stop, and the purpose of the march is to demand action from the city and state.

Who: Elected Officials, Families for Safe Streets, Transportation Alternatives, Make Brooklyn Safer, Park Slope Parents, Park Slope Neighbors

What: NYC March for Safe Streets

When: Monday, March 12th, 6pm to 7pm

Where: Meet at 9th Street & Prospect Park West